Landscape design and advice

Our design team of landscape architect, Jennie together with Leen, who draws on 30 years of landscape design in New Zealand and Europe gives great depth of creativity and experience.

It is a team that can create such subtle details which change the ordinary to the extraordinaire.

Handling designs and concepts from the small and intimate courtyard to the large rural properties, life style blocks to commercial  or subdivisional projects.

There are different options available. Provision may be a landscape concept or a full landscape plan, including a plantings schedule and full specifications or an on-site consultation.

Sometimes an on-site consultation with the client is all that is needed to get the desired result. This is especially helpful with some of the client's ideas that they are unsure how to implement.

With our expertise and creativity, suggestions and decisions are often made on the spot. 

If you are considering building:
- It is helpful to discuss your landscaping needs and designs in the initial stages when house plans are being developed.
- The entire property can then reflect the working together of both builder/ developer and landscape architect (and it can be both beneficial and cost effective).

So if you are thinking landscape designs, from a simple entranceway to a residential or commercial development, think Braam LANDSCAPES Unlimited!

We turn dreams into reality