Landscape construction is another integral part of our company.
Within our team we have a great variety of hard landscape skills and with those skills we are able to tackle a great variety of landscape work.

Under this heading we can put a great range of our services:
           Preparing & laying paving, pavers, schist, concrete, etc.
           Preparing and sowing of lawns and Ready lawn
           Building pergolas and fences 
           Building brick walls and fences
           Building rock walls
           Planting trees and shrubs
           Farm beautifications/shelter
           Installing water features
           Installing rock gardens
           Garden irrigation systems, manual or automatic

Some of the more specialised services we offer are the building of natural stone walls, entrance ways, pillars, etc.
Some great examples are: 
Coniston Waters subdivision - entranceways.etc                                                                                              
Ashburton industrial estate - stonework on entrance signs
Braebrook subdivision - entrance walls, greywacke stone bridge and retainer walls
Hotel Ashburton - freestanding greywacke stone walls
Lochlea subdivision - entranceway and sitting area
Stables restaurant - greywacke fireplace in restaurant                                                                                                         

A favourite saying within our firm is,
"We do and build you almost everything, except your house."